Copyright  2010-2016 JDJ International, LLC. Vintage - Costume - Hats JDJ International Millinery Division - Theatrical Costume hat rentals/purchase. Easy to Print Out Summary Sheet for Your Files We rent out and sometimes sell beautiful, vintage, period, hard to find, ready to wear, mostly women’s hats primarily to the entertainment industry – film, television and theatre. Our hats are expertly restored/created by Doug James, a known, professional, theatrical milliner whose work over many years has appeared prominently in all three entertainment venues. Doug James, with over 30 years of experience, is known for his quality of work, reliability and creativity. He is one of the best. Good reasons to use us: Details on our “How To” page A. Our millinery is good to go. Our hats are already in excellent, wearable condition. There is no need to hire outside help to fix them. They’re a money and time saver. Our hats are well represented in pictures; what you see is what you get.  B. More than competitive pricing. We are affordable and offer discounts for both time rented and quantity. Special circumstances? We will negotiate. Get a quote via email. C. Needed now. You can check for immediate availability via email. (We prefer at least a couple weeks notice to rent.) D. Plan ahead. You can easily reserve a hat(s) for future use via email with no money down. No forms to fill out, just a note by emailing E. Consultation. Doug is an authority on vintage millinery. In addition to his millinery expertise, he has additional theatrical experience that allows him a broader perspective in understanding your challenges. Want another opinion? Just email him. (See below.) F. Easy. We are easy to work with. Whether big or small, we’ll do our best to help you with your production. G. Simple. No contract to sign. Just read over our common sense terms & conditions. H. Prefer to buy? Make an offer. Why settle for less when you don’t have to? Web site: Owner: Doug James Corporate Address: JDJ International, Millinery Division, 16557 Howard Millman Lane, Milton, DE 19968 Product return address: JDJ International, Millinery Division, 16557 Howard Millman Lane, Milton, DE 19968 Phone: 586-336-0758 (ask for Kate) General questions: Price quotes: Email: For consulting, alteration, purchase, repairs, billing: Email: Outside of Continental US/International Inquiries: Email: (Let us know of your interest.) We can also be found in The Costume Designer, the official publication of the Costume Designers Guild, IATSE Local 892.
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