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How to Rent a Costume Hat – Get a Price Quote First    Quote: It’s easy! Email for a quote. Please let us know who you are, some contact info, and what you want listed by Item number found under the enlarged hat picture. Let us know when you want it/them. Give us your estimated number of rental weeks. We rent by the week with a 1 week minimum.  You do not pay for shipping time. Your rental period begins the day you specify and ends with the return postmark. In addition to low rates we give discounts for multiple hats and multiple weeks. We will get back to you ASAP with a quote. We will negotiate if further discussion is necessary. Rental Terms & Conditions By the action of renting we assume you understand and agree with the following terms, conditions and guidelines.  Payment:  To repeat, your rental time begins the day you specify and ends with the return postmark. We rent by the week with discounts for multiple weeks and multiple hats.  You begin by getting a Quote (see above). We have a  1 week minimum. We require a 25% deposit ($20 minimum) via credit card prior to shipping. (We will not ship without it.) You will be billed when our transaction is completed (hats returned). Total payment is expected upon receipt of the final invoice.   Timing:  We prefer at least 2-3 week’s notice.  Shipping:  You pay for shipping both ways. We ship FedEx Ground or USPS Priority unless you request otherwise.  You pay for insurance should you choose to insure it for the return trip. A return address label will be enclosed for your convenience.  Damages: We expect you will give our hats reasonable care. You are expected to pay for damage beyond what would be considered normal wear. We will negotiate.  Item Not Returned:  We like our hats and want them back. Should you not return an item we will charge you the full replacement cost as listed on the web site. If there is a good reason beyond negligence we will negotiate a replacement cost.  Thank you for visiting our JDJ Millinery Costume Division online. We’ll do our best to assist you.
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