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How To… Introduction - Page 2, Page 3 We rent out and sometimes sell hats for costumes; vintage hats, period hats covering from the 1950’s back to the 1700’s, mostly women’s hats, usually to the entertainment or photo industry’s  – however if you’ve an additional use, a wedding, special luncheon, party or even the Kentucky Derby, we’ll be happy to cooperate. We have no bag lady hats, or scarecrow hats, or intentionally funny hats (although there are a few that are naturally entertaining), or even the simple hats from the 60’s. What we do have are period and vintage costume hats representative of their era in excellent, wearable, even close-up ready condition that are hard to find. That’s what we’re here for. We provide the highest quality period hat you need in a cost efficient and easy way. The restoration or creation of any hat we rent/sell has already been completed by one of the theatrical industries top professional milliners. How To Understand the Web Site This web site contains multiple images of around 300 mostly women’s costume hats with that number growing by the week. It’s a collection starting with hats from the 1950’s and going back to hats from the 1870’s with even a few representing the 1700’s. There is a mixture of heritage in the collection. We add new inventory continuously. If we don’t have it now, we’ll likely have it later.  Our hats are presented on the web site in categories by decades, 1950’s, 1940’s, 1930’s, etc. All other pertinent information is also presented with each hat. When investigating your era of interest do some browsing and make sure to look at the categories before and after as there is always some overlap. What looked to us to be clearly a late 1930’s hat might look more to you like an early 1940’s hat. What is also true is that sometimes a hat from one period can fit very nicely into a completely different one. Want suggestions? Email Doug James directly. How To Choose Hats – Hat Sizes Some costume hats are untouched vintage period pieces that happened to be in excellent usable condition.  Other hats have been made entirely, often with vintage materials which supports authenticity. The remaining hats existed somewhere between needing just a little work to bring them back to perfect wearable condition, to hats needing extensive repair and replacement of parts. Regardless of how each hat began, and what its provenance, each piece is excellent and wearable.  You will be able to make good judgments about the appropriateness of each piece for what you have in mind based on the pictures. Each hat has two and sometimes three photos that are not only clear, but also show the proportion of the hat and how it will look on an actor or model. Both of our models heads measure approximately 22 ¼ inches around including their wigs.  A comment regarding hat size may also accompany the hat description if there is something special to note. Authentic vintage hats from the 20’s, for instance, are a bit smaller than what we’re used to. Heads were smaller then! Basically, with our millinery, what you see on the web site is what you get.  How To Change Design and Care for It Care has been taken while reviving each costume hat to reflect a broad representation of its kind and era to make it more generally useable in more situations. However, we do acknowledge that designers might want to be more specific sometimes and want to add or change something; add a flower, change a ribbon, a small change. We allow you to do that and assume if you have the ability to change it to what you want, you also have the ability to change it back, doing an excellent job of course. Or, we expect you’ll return the removed piece with the hat and we’ll do it for you for a small fee. If it’s a bigger “something” you’d like to change we’d prefer to do it for you and discuss any associated cost individually.     All of our hats are in excellent condition but may require a bit of gentle steaming after being packed and shipped to you. If you don’t know how, or have questions regarding anything in the “care of” or “design change” area, please email Doug directly at
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